Garagiste & Mikerphone Barrel Aged Creamsicle 375ml

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Commercial Description

With it we return Creamsicle made in collaboration with Mikerphone Brewing out of Chicago. This mead was put in barrels back in 2020 and features primo honey, tangerines, vanilla beans and lactose. It spent the past 18 months in a Gran Marnier (Orange Liqueur) barrels.

It emerges darker in color. More rusty than when it entered. It also picked up a healthy bump in ABV. Citrus aromas bursting from the glass. The vanilla here has faded a bit with time. The lactose also seems less prominent; but, there’s a silkiness to the texture that very much reminds you it’s there. The orange notes have really came forward.

As barrel transformations go; this one has shown one of the more remarkable changes I’ve seen in a year or two. I was a bit worried that it would emerge with an orange Tic Tac or Runts vibe; but, that’s definitely not the case.

I absolutely love it. Big orange character without that acidity you get from fresh orange juice. Some tannins from the wood to give it structure. So smooth and easy to drink. Our best citrus flavored mead yet. 15.0% ABV