Flipside & The Open Bottle Frogger Lager


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Commercial Description

In April, our crew at The Open Bottle and our "across-the-street" neighbors at Flipside Brewing came together once again to craft something truly special. Inspired by our close proximity and shared love for brewing, we proudly present Frogger Lager: a German Style Helles Lager infused with zesty lime at 4.7% ABV.

This collaboration beer is not just a drink; it's a celebration of our "run" to Flipside Brewing - a 0.61 kilometer journey to their brewery and back! Named after the classic video game, Frogger Lager captures the essence of adventure and camaraderie between our spots. Embark on your own nostalgic journey and savor the refreshing taste of Frogger Lager, a tribute to friendship and flavor alike.

Available for a limited time at both The Open Bottle & Flipside Brewing. Cheers to crossing paths and creating memories together!