Dark Matter Aire (Santa Petrona Pacamara Honey) 12oz Bag

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Commercial Description

Celebrating ripening as beautiful imperfections, these coffee seeds are pulped from their skin and rested in their own sugars. With the passing of time and contact with land, they become graced with an aerial development as righteous as a flamboyance of flamingos.

This honey processed Pacamara comes from Finca Santa Petrona, the oldest farm the Pacas family owns. Pacamaras are a hybrid of Pacas, discovered by the Pacas family at this very farm, and Maragoype, a natural mutation of Typica that has a very large screen size. Pacamara can be difficult to cultivate from generation to generation, as it tends to revert to one of its parent genetics, however, the Pacas family carefully selects and cultivates trees year after year, producing beautiful coffee from these tall, towering trees!

When processing the Pacamara cherries, only the outer skin of the cherry is removed, leaving nearly all of the mucilage on the seed intact. The coffee is then shade-dried to slow this drying process, increasing fermentation, and ultimately body and sweetness in the cup.