Amplify Wines 2021 Four on the Flor Rose 750ml

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Commercial Description

As always, our Rosé is aged entirely under flor, like Sherry or Vin Jaune from the Jura. Aging under flor not only encourages more savory textures, it also contributes its own flavors, such as roasted nuts, sea salt, and bruised apple. We find that relatively brief stays under flor- in this case 6 months- contribute to the wine’s character without overriding a sense of place or the wine’s inherent fruit. This year, we aged entirely in tank (past years have been neutral oak), and the wine is incredibly bright and juicy. If you have the patience, we recommend giving this wine a couple of weeks to rest after arrival; flor-aged wines such as this that aren’t filtered tend to be more delicate than our other wines, and a little rest after travel will really allow this to blossom and show its best self. Pair with spicy foods and big flavors, it can take ‘em!