Bottle Logic Changing Gears 500ml

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Commercial Description

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Churro Imperial Stout.

While we typically build our confectionary stouts with layers of semi-traditional adjuncts (graham crackers, roasted nuts, cacao nibs, fresh fruit) to accomplish our pastry purposes, we tapped the unique brilliance of the Odd by Nature team and went right to the source for this churro stout with the addition of more than 1,000 literal churros. Late churro additions to the kettle, debarrelling through a bed of churros, and further conditioning through a mini-brite tank stuffed with, you guessed it, more churros make for a ridiculous and utterly delightful dessert beer. Aromas of pure pastry, doughy richness on the palate, hints of toffee and chocolate on the finish, and sparkling with perfectly incorporated cinnamon throughout! 12.9% ABV