Off Color Aqua Regia 4-pack

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Commercial Description

Earlier this year, as we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we shared some fun stats from our first decade as a brewery. One of those stats was that we’ve brewed over 50 unique styles of beer (including a couple we made up). That doesn’t leave many new styles left for us to brew. Or does it?

Introducing Aqua Regia, our first barleywine. Peach-orange and autumnally hued, Aqua Regia is a rich, luxurious barleywine of English persuasion. Deep, gingerbread malt tones underlay a vibrant fabric of bright orchard fruits, spiced orange peel, and vanilla pralines with a long, lingering finish punctuated by flourishes of Tellicherry black peppercorns and rose water. A decadent treat to larder away before the onslaught of winter. 9.0% ABV