Mostra Coffee Colombia Oscar Gomez 1LB Bag

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Commercial Description

Flavor Notes: Red Plum, Light Caramel, Pepparkakor

A fully transparent and a new lot from Colombia and our friends at Cedro Alto. Oscar Gomez's coffee comes to us from Ataco, Tolima and is a Single Farm Microlot of Colombia-Castillo varietals and is ecologically and shade grown under native hardwood trees. This is a dry processed coffee; we have been getting away from saying “washed” or “natural” due to the misconceptions it can sometimes engender. Cedro Alto is our primary Colombian coffee exporter since they do fantastic work year after year and are doing fabulous things for transparency in the supply chain of coffee. Here we have another example of the good works Cedro Alto has been able to achieve working hand-in-hand with farmers, and a great indication of what is in store for the future, with a focus on harvest selection.

We have been carrying more dry/natural coffees than ever before at Mostra, which is a little challenging since our Coffee Buying team can be very very picky about how “clean” a natural needs to be. Sometimes when the coffee seed (or bean, if that’s your preferred nomenclature) is dried inside the coffee cherry as it is in natural processed coffee, over-fermentation and other funky flavors can come up. Occasionally this is subtle and pleasant, other times not so much.

This coffee is a little outside the "usual" box of dry processed coffees for us but our number 1 rule is "does it taste good?" and this coffee definitely tastes great - you wouldn’t be seeing it otherwise!!

From the Importer- Crop to Cup

Part of the Clavel growers, Oscar Gomez hail from the Nasa We’sx indigenous community – a hard to reach place with difficult terrain and known as the birthplace of the FARC insurgent movement. But this is a more recent history, and not one that applies to all. Many Nasa We’sx families have chosen coffee as a way to achieve harmony between prosperity and respect for both Nasa ancestral lands and lifestyle. Crop to Cup’s relationship with this group is through Cedro Alto, who works in the community to engage globally while honoring indigenous traditions and cosmovision in a sincere and respectful manner.