Is/Was Tree Tipper Bottle Conditioned With Brettanomyces 500ml

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Commercial Description

Saison brewed with Spruce Tips and Honey then bottle conditioned with a blend of brettanomyces. 6.1% ABV

Tree Tipper is the result of carefully considered combinations. Spruce tips with honey. Ingredient with process. We steeped spruce tips in locally sourced honey from The Hive Supply prior to adding both ingredients to the fermenting beer. This process allowed enzymes in the honey to transform some of the more aggressive, resinous compounds in the spruce tips into flavors and aromas that are more floral and fruity. Notes of green mango, toasted white bread, pineapple, cotton candy, maple sap and unripe strawberries lead to a delicate finish of spruce and tangerine zest.