Dark Matter Datura Inoxia 12oz Bag

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Commercial Description

Originating from Central and South America, Datura Inoxia is as beautiful as it is perilous. It is almost inevitable on coffee farms to be greeted by this trumpet flowers sweet scent. Historically used to induce delirium, the mystifying shrub closes the gap between fantasy and reality.

Brewed to be eccentric with distinctive fruit and richness, this cup will challenge the comfort drinker and conventional drinker to reach beyond the ordinary into fantastic new heights.

This year’s Datura Inoxia blend combines two Salvadorian coffees that highlight layered sweetness. Tasting elements of the journey are honey, lemon zest, and almond. Visual stimulation on the bag was created by Chicago's Oscar Joyo, an artist who stretches across multiple mediums. Find him on Instagram at @Oscar_Joyo