Bottle Logic Equivalent Dose 2023 500ml

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Commercial Description

Bourbon + Mead Barrel-Aged Chocolate Banana Imperial Stout • 11% ABV • While not a formally adopted measurement, the banana-equivalent dose remains a concise way to inform the public about relative radiation risks. #EquivalentDose is a Chocolate Covered Banana-inspired Imperial Stout that was fermented with Arizona Cactus Honey before aging in a combination of bourbon barrels and ex-bourbon barrels that most recently held some of Superstition Meadery's world-class mead. Post-barrel, this liquid was recirculated through 960lbs of real bananas for an utterly radiant fruit flavor. To complete the concept, we sent the full volume through a filter bed full of sweet, earthy cacao nibs for a decadent, chocolate-covered finish. 11% ABV